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【Video Filming】 "#UNIQLOxUNHCR Discussing the Significance of Refugee Support"

We filmed the video content "#UNIQLOxUNHCR Discussing the Significance of Refugee Support," hosted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Mr. Koji Yanai, Director and Group Senior Executive Officer of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., and Ms. Mireille Kayeye, a participant in UNHCR's journalism program, engaged in a dialogue discussing the significance of refugee support.

First-Ever Global Partnership in Asia Established

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. and UNHCR established a global partnership in 2011, marking the first partnership of its kind for an Asian company.

Since 2007, Fast Retailing has been delivering recycled products collected from UNIQLO and GU stores nationwide to refugees and internally displaced persons in 48 countries where UNHCR operates. Over 35 million items have been distributed as of June 2021.

Fast Retailing is also focusing on support, including promoting refugee employment and donating approximately 3 million UNIQLO AIRism masks to 10 countries during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Significance of Refugee Support According to Mr. Yanai

This project features a dialogue between Mr. Koji Yanai and Ms. Mireille Kayeye regarding the significance of refugee support.

When Ms. Mireille inquired about the importance of refugee education for children as part of Fast Retailing's projects, Mr. Yanai expressed his belief that "we believe that if more people understand the situation of refugees, more people will accept refugees in the future."


UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) is a UN agency established in 1950 to protect and support refugees and asylum-seekers displaced by conflict and persecution, and to work towards resolving refugee issues internationally.

UNHCR Achievements

Video Filming


※This article is translated from Japanese.


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