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Capturing Success: Video Recording of Award-Winning Speech


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Interview with the head of a law firm on videography experience with LIFE.14

Service: Series of videos for Catherine O'Connell Law Firm

Content: ALB Japan Law Awards acceptance speech 

for online ceremony during the pandemic

In the dynamic landscape of virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Japan Law Awards adapted to an online format for two consecutive years. Our client, Catherine O'Connell (Catherine O'Connell Law Firm), became a finalist in three categories each in 2020 and 2021. She faced a challenge of preparing acceptance speech videos in advance, anticipating the possibility of winning. For these projects she reached out to LIFE.14

Catherine O'Connell kindly shared with us her impressions and thoughts of working with our team and explained the significance of videography in the realm of professional self-presentation.

Catherine, please introduce the project for which you sought assistance from LIFE.14

For two years over the COVID-19 Pandemic, the annual Japan Law Awards were held online. I was a finalist in three awards in each year (2020 and 2021). The organizers requested us to submit in advance, a 30-second speech for each award, should we be selected as a winner on the night. Since I wanted my award-winning speech to be presented within the specific specs, and done professionally (not simply a shaky video recorded on my iPhone with poor quality), I knew that the only person I could trust with this video project was Antony Tran at LIFE.14. 

The upshot is I didn't win an award in either of these two years but having seen the poor quality of the winners’ videos on line on the night of the awards (poor lighting, camera shaking, out of technical specs and over the time limit of 30 seconds) I was super pleased that I had invested in engaging LIFE.14 for my videos, because had they been aired, they would have been streets ahead of any of the other videos. It was even more surprising when these winner videos were from law firms and large companies who had not invested in having their videos done professionally even though they would likely have had budget to do so. 

What was crucial for the acceptance videos in your case? 

We were given very little lead time to prepare and submit these videos. So, they had to be prepared in a short time, follow certain very particular technical spec requirements, and it was super important for me to express not only the main message but also my personality and style. Antony was very receptive to all these conditions. He also helped me on the day, in giving me pointers how to relax and to not rely so much on my prepared words so that I could come across more naturally and engaging. 

Freeze frame of the Catherine’s acceptance speech video recording by LIFE.14

How did you become acquainted with LIFE.14, and what factors influenced your decision to collaborate with us?

I have known LIFE.14 and Antony Tran personally for more than 10 years. He has been an excellent photographer at many Chambers of Commerce and other social events in the Tokyo community. I've always found his photographs to always be on point and of excellent quality. He is also super easy to work with as he is easy to communicate with in person and online over e-mail to book sessions with him. 

I have worked with other photographers in the past but for this videography work, one of my “go to photographers” recommended Antony personally, and for me, a recommendation from a peer in the same industry says a lot about the quality of the work, admiration for, and capability of that person. 

How would you describe your communication experience with LIFE.14?

Though I am good at Japanese it was super comforting for me to do all of this in English as it is technical and not my specialist area. In English it was easy for me to explain exactly what the specs were and what I needed and fix a time in the calendar at short notice to go to the studio to video the speeches. I was extremely satisfied with how fast LIFE.14 responded and was able to arrange everything considering my busy lawyer schedule!

Side note – it was a hot day for the recordings each year, and I arrived a bit hot and sweaty. Antony revved up the air con and also had some cold water ready for me. That was special of him to go the extra mile to think of his customer like this. 

Freeze frame of the Catherine’s acceptance speech video recording by LIFE.14

How did the rehearsal go, and how did you feel about it?

This was super great fun. Basically I had to speak like you already got the award and with me doing a few takes I said my words about 8-9 times along with a few bloopers which made me laugh and relax even more. Even though the actual results of the awards were still unknown and all I was doing was practicing my dream win, I really and truly felt like I had just won them!! Saying the words reinforced it, especially saying them into a camera. Later in 2022 and 2023 I did win two law awards and found that the practice I did with Antony in 2020 and 2021 helped me immensely to deliver really good natural and engaging short acceptance speeches on the night of the awards on stage. 

I fully recommend Antony and his team at LIFE.14 for their impeccable work product and easy of working together.  

We are very thankful to Catherine O'Connell that she found time in her busy schedule to share reflections on working with LIFE.14. Her experience illustrates the importance of effective communication and interaction in achieving high-quality results in videography projects.


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