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A Sophisticated Exploration of Zoom's Simultaneous Interpretation: Expert Insights from LIFE.14

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Zoom's "Simultaneous Interpretation", an attractive feature that transforms the platform into a global communication hub. This function goes beyond a mere tool – it is the key to breaking down language barriers in international online events, reaching diverse audiences, and facilitating discussions in multinational corporate settings.

However, within the seamless operation of this linguistic bridge, complexities may arise, potentially causing disruptions for both speakers and listeners. In this article, us LIFE.14, which has been managing simultaneous interpretation for esteemed organizations and companies, sheds light on the process of simultaneous interpretation and addresses common problems.

Setting Up Simultaneous Interpretation:

Setting for Presenters:

Registering interpreters and interpretation languages is an important step in ensuring a seamless simultaneous interpretation experience.

Interpreters have the option to either pre-register or register from among the participants once the broadcast has commenced. To prevent issues during online broadcasts, it is better to register interpreters in advance.

1. Log in to Zoom and go to "Settings"→"Meetings" and press [Details].

2. Activate language selection to enable multilingual interpretation.

To add languages, simply click the "+" button next to the existing languages.

3. Configure interpretation settings for your meeting by enabling language interpretation and entering the interpreter's email address and language.

For language selection, certain conditions must be met. If you can not use the language selection function, it is advisable to review your settings.

As of November 2023, the following conditions apply:

Host must have a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account

Meeting with an automatically generated meeting ID

Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS: Global minimum version or higher

Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS: Global minimum version or higher


Language interpretation cannot be initiated or managed when using the Zoom mobile app or web client. Participants joining from the Zoom mobile app or web client can only listen to interpretation audio channels and view interpreted text.

Language interpretation cannot be used in breakout rooms, only the main session of a meeting.

For Attendees:

1. Choose your preferred language from the "Interpretation" button at the bottom of the screen.

- You can also mute the original sound optionally.

Common Issues and Solutions:

Case 1: No audio or overlapping languages

- Causes:

- Attendees not selecting a language.

- Speakers choosing the wrong language.

- Solution:

- Both speakers and attendees should ensure they have selected the correct languages.

In the realm of simultaneous interpretation, cases of language selection errors are not uncommon. If the interpretation is not functioning correctly, it is advised to double-check whether the chosen language is accurate – a simple yet pivotal consideration.

Case 2: Audio not heard despite language selection, or only hearing Original Audio

- Causes:

- Interpreter's language selection error.

- Issues with venue or attendee internet connectivity.

- Solution:

- Interpreters should select the language they will be speaking with.

- Verify and improve venue or attendee internet connectivity if needed.

Additionally, connectivity issues at the venue can sometimes impede the transmission of audio to the audience. Verifying the venue's connectivity status and conducting rehearsals or tests are key to the success of simultaneous interpretation broadcasts.

Simultaneous interpretation, with its complicated configurations, can present more problems than usual streaming without interpretations. LIFE.14 provides quick and effective solutions.

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