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What is “Webinar” and what is our new webinar service “Live Webinar PACKAGE”


What is “Webinar” and what is our new webinar service “Live Webinar PACKAGE”.

In this article, we explain what a webinar is, what you can benefit from webinars, and how you can get the most out of it.

【 1. What is a webinar? 】

The word 'webinar' is a blend of 'web' and 'seminar'. It is a lecture, seminar, workshop, or a presentation held via the Internet.

【 2. Difference between a real event and a webinar 】

What is the difference between a real event and a webinar?

You should consider from the perspective of cost, a venue, customer attraction, and preparation.

The audience gets the benefit of participating without leaving the comfort of their home. The webinar can be more effective in attracting customers.

The audiences get to participate in the seminars without going to specific venues. They can watch it from their home, office, or even while they are in transportation.

In addition to this benefit, a webinar is less expensive to rent a venue, operate, and prepare the event.

【 3. About live streaming and streaming pre-recorded video 】

The webinars have two ways of streaming. One is a real-time webinar, and the other is to stream pre-recorded video. Let’s consider which is better for your webinar.

◆Live streaming

The audience can communicate with the speakers by using the chat function, sending direct messages, or actually speaking.

Live streaming makes the audience feel realistic even when they are at home.

◆Streaming pre-recorded video

For the pre-recorded webinars, you stream the video which has already been recorded.

The host can use the pre-recorded video to provide the webinar over and over again.

The advantage of this type is that the audience can participate at any time they want to.

The host can edit the video afterward, to add productive information and improve the contents.

【 4. What is the advantage of webinar? 】

◆The advantages for the hosts

Preparation and cost

If you hold an event in real, you should reserve a suitable physical venue, attract the audience, and prepare the materials.

Getting new customers

The audience can participate in the webinar anywhere. It is easier to get new customers. Also, the cost is less expensive than holding an event in real, you can hold an event anytime if you want.

◆The advantage for the audience

Save time and cost

The audience can participate without leaving the comfort of their home. They can save time and cost.

Video can be seen with a smartphone

If the audience doesn't have a PC, they can watch the webinar with their smartphone.

Communicate by using the chat

On real-time streaming, the audience can ask questions through the chat. This can keep the audience engaged throughout the webinar.

【 5. About LIFE.14’s Live Webinar PACKAGE 】

We, LIFE.14 launched a new service which name is Live Webinar PACKAGE.

We provide high-quality streaming for people who want to stream a webinar.

Let us introduce our new webinar system.

Simultaneous recording and streaming of high quality video and audio

The streamed video is recorded in high quality; and that data can be delivered immediately after the live stream to be archived as your record.

Parallel shooting with multiple cameras/angles

To best represent the quality of your webinar, we arrange multiple cameras to record from various angles and make the seminar contents even easier to understand. Each camera’s video and audio data feed can also be saved individually.

Dedicated director and camera staff

The shooting crew is always composed of at least 2 dedicated staff: a director and a camera person. We provide a one-stop solution from shooting to streaming. Even if you are unfamiliar with live streaming, please feel confident of the result as we take good care of your needs with our stable and professional workflow.

Highlight video production

After the streaming session, we can produce a highlight video of your seminar or event in addition to the full recording version. That high-impact short version video can be shared with the guests who could not join the live stream in real time. It is a valuable asset for both your past archive and future promotion.

Streaming possible without an internet environment

Even if your venue does not offer any internet environment, we have a dedicated line available to you. Please consult us for further information.

【 6. FAQ】

Q. Is it possible to have speakers from several location? If it is, do you provide any supports?

A. It is possible. In that case, we provide technical support remotely. We also provide event consulting. Please feel free to ask us.

Q. Do you have interpreter support?

A. Yes. If you want simultaneous interpretation, interpreters can be provided by you, or if not, we can organize interpreters.

※In this case, it takes time to make an archive video.

Q. Which platform do you use?

A. Basically, you can choose any platform you want to use.

Q. Is it possible to stream on several platforms simultaneously?

A. It is possible. Please feel free to contact us for details.


Please feel free to contact us!

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