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ACCJ The Journal - The Lexus Experience Test-driving the IS200t


The Lexus Experience Test-driving the IS200t

For Dr. Greg Story, an attraction of living and working in Japan is the country’s love of design and mindfulness of the customer experience.

As country president of a global company providing human resources training, Story has a keen appreciation for the Japanese work ethic. A long-term, bilingual resident in Tokyo, and a practitioner of Japanese martial arts since childhood, he also has a strong sense of Japanese style and craft.

But even he was impressed when he came face to face with the Lexus IS200t F Sport, a four-door sports sedan.

With an aggressive stance and dramatic lines sweeping from end to end, the IS200t (Turbo) raises eyebrows and causes the observer to catch their breath.

”I know Lexus is a high-end brand,” Story says. “And I have driven the company’s models before, so I have very high expectations.

”But this is pretty cool. When you sit down, the car adjusts the seat for you. It feels sporty simply from the way they arranged the seat, the narrower cabin, and the steering wheel.”


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Atsushi Takada with the Lexus hoverboard

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