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For kindergarten, school, summer camp etcetera, Select our event photography specialty


For parents

We shoot photographs of children's wonderful expressions unique to school events and moments of friendship.

For teachers and staff

We take the pressures of providing visuals off of your hands from shooting to delivery.

Our professional photographers have been asked to work with embassies of many nations, international organizations and various international conferences.

Please contact LIFE SMILE for your event photography needs.


Here's why LIFE SMILE is a perfect fit for you

Photographers of various nationalities

Our LIFE SMILE photographers come from various nationalities such as Japan, France and the United States. Along with our high quality photographs, we can provide a borderless correspondence from the initial meeting to the day of your event.

Significant reduction in workload for teachers and staff

Persons in charge will be given a URL and password of an online album for the parents after the photographer has completed photographing.

Since we arrange work such as sample photo exhibit, sorting, collection, delivery etcetera via our website, we can reduce unnecessary labor and drastically reduce the workload so that staff members can focus on other tasks of the day.

You can browse and purchase photos

at any time with a computer or smartphone

You can browse and purchase photos anytime or anywhere by entering a dedicated URL and Password on your PC or smartphone.

Also, browsing of any photographs is only available to those who have access to a Password. Furthermore, it adopts cryptographic communication technology, SSL, on the Internet. Personal information is also encrypted and protected, so you can use it with confidence and ease.

We offer photo prints, data, and various photo goods

In addition to photographic prints of various sizes,  with our high-quality data, we can prepare photo panels to decorate your space with. We also have photo goods that meet the needs of parents and relatives, such as posters, upon request.

We also produce annual year books filled with school portraits and year long school event highlights.

Please contact us for your photographic needs.

Donation System

​Initiatives for mutual benefits that can be done with photos
Charity Organizations
Charity Organizations

Donate a part of photo sales profit

We believe that mutual benefit and social contribution are extremely important factors in corporate activities at the management company LIFE.14.

Therefore, We will donate a part of the photo selling profit to charity organizations.

We have made numerous donations to causes such as child care facilities, families with children fighting intractable diseases, refugees who need assistance, and many more.

"We want to make others happy through photographs." Such desires can be fulfilled for those who can not shoot directly.

Of course, LIFE SMILE and LIFE.14 discloses the entire total of proceeds received. Clients can also donate to your desired charity group.

We hope to give back to our community to organizations in need of help. 

(Donation destination example)

Photo Gallery
Introduction of customers using LIFE SMILE

English Adventure


Special Photo Session




· Delivery of all data shot
  (200 cuts or more excluding eye closure etc.)
· Shooting time about 1 hour.
· Open a family-owned online album


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