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Videorecording of business event in Japan can become not only the main tangible evidence of your success, your full recording can be broken down on smaller videos and used for various marketing and informational purposes. 

Here is how our clients are using a full event recordings:

  • webinar recording available on the company website/social media channel and promoted to the current or new audience.

  • full recording broken down to smaller video pieces and published on the brand's social media as regular video content.

  • as a report of completed activity for the headquarter overseas.

  • kept in the company archive and used for company members when the need arises.


At LIFE.14 we understand that necessity of the past event recording may arise unexpectedly. Therefore we provide a backup storage, so you can rest assured that the results of your work will remain safe. 

Examples of events in Japan that were recorded by LIFE.14:

LIFE.14 inc
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Tokyo 160-0022 Japan

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