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LIFE STREAM〜Solution for Hybrid Event〜

Hybrid event has become established as a standard way of events these days. It combines the benefits of a real event and an online event in terms of attracting customers and communicating.

This article explains our new streaming service which is called LIFE STREAM 〜Solution for Hybrid Event〜 and benefits of hybrid event.

Benefits of hybrid event

A hybrid event is a form of event that can utilize the strengths of both real and online event.

You can choose the ratio of real to online according to the benefits you value.

The table below shows benefits both of real and online event perspective of the organizer and participants.

The point of determination the ratio of real to online

・Infection prevention

・Attracting customers


For the above reasons, you can decide which ratio should be higher.

Generally, the lower the percentage of participants in real, the less budget and preparation effort.


What is LIFE STREAM〜Solution for Hybrid Event〜

Our streaming service, LIFE STREAM〜Solution for Hybrid Event〜 is that consistently support from shooting to streaming. Last year, we have supported events by embassies and foreign-affiliated companies.

1.Exclusive director and Videographer

The shooting crew is always composed of at least 2 dedicated staff: a director and a camera person. We provide a one-stop solution from shooting to streaming. Even if you are unfamiliar with streaming, please feel confident of the result as we take good care of your needs with our stable and professional workflow.

2.Streaming without internet connection

Even if your venue does not offer any internet environment, we have a dedicated line available to you. Please consult us for further information.

※We are possible to stream only the location where can access 4G data allowance.

3. Simultaneous interpretation streaming

We always conduct connection tests and meetings with overseas guests in advance for preventing the streaming accident.


The cases we streamed


Nordic Talks Japan: Renewable Energy - A Socially Just and Successful Green Transition

This hybrid event was cosponsored by Royal Danish Embassy, Japan, Embassy of Finland, Tokyo, Embassy of Iceland in Tokyo, Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, The Finnish Institute in Japan and Nordic Innovation House. The venue is Mokuzai Kaikan in Shinkiba.

The moderator in venue and guests had a discussion. We set the monitor and showed the guest from overseas.

If you want to know this event in detail, click the URL below.


Current State of the Smart City Initiatives in Japan and the Rapid Growth in the IT Industry of Pakistan

This hybrid event held by Profound Vision Co., Ltd and cosponsored by Pakistan Embassy Tokyo Japan. In this event, the guests had presentations and panel discussion.

If you want to know this event in detail, click the URL below.


Australian Film Night, Vol.2

This hybrid event was held by the Australian Embassy, Tokyo. We streamed event, movie and talks by Mr.Tatsuya Ishii, artist and movie director, and Ms.Tasha James who is from Australian Broadcasting Corporation and expert of movie related to indigenous people. We used the chat and received questions from audience so that the online participants feel a sense of unity.

If you want to know this event in detail, click the URL below.

The articles below show the cases we streamed in past.


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