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Shooting for the Tokyo Conference of the “Global Summit of Women” occurred?


The Tokyo conference of the "Global Summit of Women" was held from May 11th to May 13th, and LIFE.14 photographed the event.

The “Global Summit of Women” is a global event that focuses on discussing the advancement and promotion of women in the global economy, and is often referred to as the "Female version of Davos Forum”.

The 27th this year's conference was held here in Tokyo for the first time, bringing together about 1,400 female leaders from 62 countries and international organizations.

LIFE.14 participated in this event as an official photography team. We were placed next to dignitaries such as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, capturing the excitement on camera.

On the 10th, the day before the summit, a ringing ceremony was held at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX) in the morning to commemorate the summit. We were in charge of photography. In the afternoon, the VIP members of the summit held a meeting to make final preparations for the summit to be held the following day.

On the 11th, the first day of the summit, the main event of the GSW will finally began. The leaders of each country presented their proposals on the policy to promote women's advancement and how the leadership should be.

In the evening, a dinner party was held at the Akasaka State Guest House with the participation of ministers, presidents, and vice presidents of various countries. Participants dressed in stunning outfits from each country and held friendly conversations, deepening their friendship. The dinner party was the first of its kind to be held at the State Guest House.

LIFE.14 members also had the honor of speaking with the Vice President of Vietnam and other VIPs in between shooting. Normally, we communicate in Japanese and English while shooting, but this time we fully used all five languages (Japanese, English, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish). By using the languages of each country, we think that we were able to bring out all the expressions.

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