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What our Live Webinar PACKAGE?

This service enables live stream of interactive seminars and events for tens to hundreds of participants on the Internet.
Participants (viewers) can exchange their opinions and questions with you live.
We provide the full solution from shooting to streaming. All elements of the chain such as shooting camera gear, broadcasting equipment, video staffs and directors to provide a one-stop service.
With our stable and professional workflow, we take good care of your live streaming.

Why is our Live Webinar PACKAGE unique?

Simultaneous recording and streaming of high quality video and audio

The streamed video is recorded in high quality; and that data can be delivered immediately after the live stream to be archived as your record.

Parallel shooting with multiple cameras/angles

To best represent the quality of your webinar, we arrange multiple cameras to record from various angles and make the seminar contents even easier to understand. Each camera’s video and audio data feed can also be saved individually.

Dedicated director and camera staff

The shooting crew is always composed of at least 2 dedicated staff: a director and a camera person. We provide a one-stop solution from shooting to streaming. Even if you are unfamiliar with live streaming, please feel confident of the result as we take good care of your needs with our stable and professional workflow.

Highlight video production

After the streaming session, we can produce a highlight video of your seminar or event in addition to the full recording version. That high-impact short version video can be shared with the guests who could not join the live stream in real time. It is a valuable asset for both your past archive and future promotion.

Streaming possible event without an internet environment

Even if your venue does not offer any internet environment, we have a dedicated line available to you. Please consult us for further information.

Professional workflow from production to streaming


Please contact us via email, telephone or inquiry form for any inquiries.


Let us know about the details of your project (contents and scale of the event) as well as all your needs.


A rehearsal session will be held before the actual event for testing purposes.


During the actual live streaming session, the number of participants and their comments/questions will be displayed in real time.


After the live streaming session, we can provide a high quality video version of the session on request. Those can be saved for your archive and future promotion.

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