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Name      LIFE.14 inc.



Address     Shinjuku Front Bld. 6F
           2-1-8 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
           160-0022 Japan


​TEL              03-6709-9442

President                            Antony Tran 

Executive Vice-President     Shinnosuke Toyo


Photography and production of images and video.
Advertisement and marketing support.
Educational seminars on photography and video.
Any activities that stem from the above items.



Established year       April 2015

● Handling of personal information

Any information presented by the customer for inquiries correspondence, communication, information offered for various purposes, we do not use for other purposes without your consent.

● About transportation expenses

In the 23 wards, the expense will be  1,000 yen per photographer.
If outside 23 wards, the charge will be charged in a separate incurred cost from Shinjuku Gyoenmae.

We inform clients of costs before shooting. Thank you for your understanding.


● About cancellation

There is no cancellation fee until 2 weeks before the shooting date.

30,000 yen will be charged if the shoot is canceled after 2 weeks before the shooting date.

Please be keep this in mind.


● About returned goods

Returned goods by customer are not accepted.

We appreciate your understanding.


● Equipment and data troubles

We bring enough equipment to each photo shoot to cover all each of the client's expectations. 
100% of the shooting fee will be refunded in the case of unexpected camera failure, loss of shooting data etc.
Any compensation is limited to the of refunding the shooting fee only.  We appreciate your understanding.


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​LIFE.14 Inc.


Shinjuku 2-1-8 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Shinjuku Front Building North Building 6F

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